William F. Ganus
Sarah E. Faucett
Elmina Ganus

This photo is of my great grandparents, William Franklin Ganus b. 1853 Georgia and Sarah E. Faucett b. 1864 Georgia and their daughter Blanche Elmina Ganus. I assume she was named after her grandmother who was Elmina (Bowers )Faucett.  

Blanche was born 18 February 1891 in Manassa, Conejos, Colorado and died September of that same year. She was buried in the Old Manassa Cemetery outside of Manassa, Colorado. She was their only daughter. 
Old Manassa Cemetery
Outside of Manassa Colorado 

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8 thoughts on “Photo Friday–Blanche Elmina Faucett

  1. How lucky to have a photo of her. I only learned of two of my 2x great grandparents children who died very young (and missed the census) because of their gravestones. I would love to have pictures of them.

  2. There are quite a few that I know of because censuses indicate that there was an addition child who did not live. No gravestone, no name, nothing to remember them by, so I truly do feel fortunate there was a picture of her.

  3. It is an old cemetery outside of a little town. Most people are buried at a newer cemetery and this one is a little forlorn. The last night before we left Colorado this trip, we went out to this cemetery one last time and as we walked through it as it was getting dark, we heard a coyote howl —it seemed like the perfect setting for a scary movie.

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