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I was recently contacted by a cousin who said he had found some Ganus pictures among his mother’s things, and asked if I would like them? Would I??? Of course I immediately responded that I would love them.  But then came the hard part– waiting for them was like waiting for Christmas!

When the packet came, I couldn’t get in the house and get the manilla envelope opened fast enough. You know the feeling…wondering who will be in the pictures and what you might learn. Naturally, I was thrilled with the pictures for they helped complete some of the stories I have written, on my blog, in my mind and in my heart.

One picture added to the story of my grandfather and his brothers who were orphaned when they were just little boys. You can find that story here: Three Brothers, Three Roads-Part 1 

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The photo, taken in March of 1956 shows my grandfather, Heber Monroe Ganus, standing beside his twin brother, Orson Merritt Ganus as they said their goodbyes to their older brother, Ernest W. Ganus.

The photo helps tell the story about three brothers……three brothers born to William Franklin Ganus and Sarah E. Faucett, three brothers who watched both parents die and were orphaned at a young age, three brothers who were sent from their home in Oklahoma to Colorado, split up and raised by different extended family members. They were three brothers who did their best to get through life, despite many challenges and many struggles.

The picture breaks my heart, but I’m so grateful to  my cousin who so kindly shared it with me.

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9 thoughts on “Would you like some pictures?

  1. OMG You are SO lucky to have these "new" photos. The 1956 photo is particularly of interest because the brothers were paying their last respects to the older brother–after quite a challenging start in life.

  2. I was so so excited to get them Marian! I never met my grandfather's twin–and my grandfather died when I was 7, so I really didn't know him either. So at first I wasn't sure who Grandpa was standing beside so I looked to see who died then and realized that it was Ernest, his brother. So it only made sense that it was Grandpa's twin with him. I sent the photo to my dad who confirmed it. It really is a touching photo.

  3. I know! So so fun!

    The fun thing has been trying to match the photos with events mentioned in my grandma's life history. Although the photos aren't super old, they nevertheless are super fun and are helping me get to know people.

  4. Isn’t that the most wonderful question? Would you like some photos? How wonderful that you are able to see these Michelle. Sometimes I just stare at those old photos and try to imagine how my ancestors were feeling at that particular time.

  5. How wonderful that you were given these photos! And, I love this photo and the little story you told about these 3 brothers. A photo is more than just a photo! They have stories to tell.

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