This photo was taken by a cousin on my Rainwater side. Thank you Trudy! John Rainwater was my second great-granduncle. I descend through his sister, Olivia Rainwater.

John was born in Cedartown, Polk County, Georgia on the 19th June 1832 but he and his wife Bargilla Moore moved to Texas. John died 14 June 1890 in Hamilton, Upshur, Texas and is buried in the Rock House Cemetery.

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8 thoughts on “Foto Friday-John Rainwater’s headstone

  1. Yeah, what Linda said. Tombstone engravings always bear some special meaning. I too am curious about what is above the name. Is this a cemetery? There seems to be lots of open space around the grave.

  2. This is Rock House Cemetery in Hamilton County, Texas. According to FindAGrave, about 117 are buried there. Pictures of it look like it is one of those forgotten cemeteries out in the country. I will see what the cousin who took the picture knows about it and update if she has anything to add.

  3. Rainwater is a fun name, but because it is a common word, searching newspapers and on the internet is a challenge! But people seemed to do a pretty good job at spelling it right way-back-when, so that helps!

  4. Michelle I believe I might be related to Mary Rainwater . 5th couin 5 times removed . I find your posts fascinating.

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