Although this picture is not a mystery, I still wanted to share it because it is a picture of one of my favorite people in the whole world. Gene Barr. He had a special ability to make others feel good and loved.

One of the first things I did every summer after we arrived at Grandma Ganus’ house in Sanford, Colorado was to run down the road to Barr’s grocery store to let Gene Barr know that we had arrived. In my mind, he was just as eager for us to get there as we were and I just had to let him know that we had arrived. Oh how I loved him!

He never disappointed and always acted like he was just thrilled to see me and had been eagerly waiting for me to get there. Then he would always tell me to grab myself a bottle of pop. It was a small ole timey country store and it had a small cooler by the counter that held bottles of pop. I would open up the top of the cooler, reach down inside and pick out my favorite……Nehi Grape. I would pop off the lid on the side of the cooler and drink in the cold grape deliciousness. I was in Colorado and among those I loved so dearly. Life was good.

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10 thoughts on “Foto Friday–Gene Barr

  1. Oh, what a nice man indeed. He sounds a lot like Ike Godsey ("Waltons Mountain"). I like hearing about people that make over kids and find them adorable and interesting. I bet Mr. Barr had lots of nice things to say about you when you skipped merrily out of the store.

  2. I felt exactly the same way when I got to Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire every summer. There were friends, neighbors and business people to greet and catch up on all the news. I think much of that is gone now. Too much hustle and bustle.

  3. Gene Barr's grocery is long gone there now and people drive to a nearby town for their groceries at a much bigger store and I am sure a fair number drive to the Walmart a little beyond that. It may be cost effective, but it's sure not the same experience.

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