It’s Grandparents Day!   I know that my life has been deeply influenced by my grandparents , their choices and their beliefs in ways that they would never have imagined.  They were just simple folk that  lived their lives doing common every day things and yet their lives deeply impacted mine and others.

Recently on a trip to Colorado, we visited a small museum in Sanford, Colorado, where I was able to find pictures that I had not previously seen before of each of my grandfathers . If you ever take a trip to Southern Colorado, I highly recommend that you take time to visit this wonderful museum. Information about the museum can be found here:  Sanford, Colorado Museum.  I truly had not expected very much, knowing that it was housed in a very small location, but I was pleasantly surprised.  Not only were their displays wonderful, but they had volumes of pictures, books full of obituaries and newspaper articles and the lady that helped us was great.  I could have spent days in there and in fact my family began to worry that just maybe I would try.  I finally gave in though and we moved on, but I came away with some priceless pictures.

Heber Monroe Ganus
Unknown on left, Heber Monroe Ganus on right
Nephi Glen Hostetter
Nephi Glen Hostetter

My Grandpa Hostetter died when I was just two and so I have no memories of time with him. But my Grandma Hostetter and my mom made sure that I was able to “know” him by sharing stories about him.  Among many other things, I know that he had a sawmill much of his life and that he loved the song “You are my Sunshine.”  My Grandpa Ganus died when I was six.  Because we lived in California and they lived in either Colorado or Oklahoma, I really don’t have many memories of him either, but I do have one choice one.  Grandma and Grandpa Ganus had moved from Colorado to  Supulpa, Oklahoma  due to my grandpa’s poor health and his need to live at a lower altitude.  I remember a trip that my family took to visit them when I was about 5. My parents decided to go out one evening and left me with Grandpa and Grandma Ganus.  That night was absolutely magical as Grandpa took me out in the back yard to catch fireflies in a jar.  I had never seen fireflies before and I remember feeling like they were magical little fairies.  I will never forget that night of fun with him.

Maud Leone McDaniel Hostetter
Maud Leone McDaniel Hostetter

Both of my grandmothers lived to see at least some of my children.  My Grandma Ganus died the day before  my third child was born, but my Grandma Hostetter lived to see them all.  Grandma Ganus had a good sense of humor and I remember that sometimes when I would visit her she would take me to a little hamburger stand outside of LaJara, Colorado and we would get hot dogs and have a good ole time.  My Grandma Hostetter loved to tell stories and I remember literally sitting at her knee and listening to her tell stories in a way that made them live.

Hazel Mickelsen Ganus
Hazel Mickelsen Ganus

I could go on and on about what I remember and what I’ve been told about my grandparents, but I will spare you that.  The longer I do genealogy, the more I am aware of the part that each generation plays in the next generation’s life.  

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2 thoughts on “It’s Grandparent’s Day!

  1. What sweet remembrances of your grandparents! And I like your conclusion about the role each generation plays in the next generation's life.

    I just spent the afternoon reading a small book by a grandfather, recounting his determination to foster a strong family bond, even among his grandchildren. While I'm sure most every grandparent has those intentions, it's the time they've spent with each grandchild that leaves those lasting memories that make a difference, as you've recounted. We all benefit from that inter-generational influence.

  2. You have really been fortunate to have people in your family that let written records. It's so wonderful to be able to read their own words.

    I agree on the time spent with each grandchild comment. The thing that really hit me was that as I thought back on my grandparents, they didn't really try to entertain me–we just spent time together doing simple things. I think it is easy to buy into the idea that it has to be big and grand, when in reality, time is what really matters.

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