We “met” on the internet, cousins, descended from twin brothers. Her father was Orson Merritt Ganus and my grandfather was his twin, Heber Monroe Ganus. 
She and I emailed, we talked on the phone, we talked about what we knew about our ancestry. We shared a few pictures and talked about our families. We made plans to meet each other, but one year turned into two and as the years passed, we always hoped the next year would be a little better and we vowed we would get together. I loved her for her witty sense of humor and her warm kindness. Sadly Laverne became ill and passed away before we ever met. 
Ganus, Orson, Laverne Ganus Walker, Okmulgee Oklahoma, cousins, genealogy, ancestry, family history
Gertrude Laverne Ganus Walker
b. 11 July 1934 Okmulgee, Oklahoma
d. 14 August 2008 Nipomo, California 

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6 thoughts on “Foto Friday–Laverne Ganus

  1. I regret not getting a picture of my cousin Cathy Hecker. Before she died she gave me all her Jollett research collected "the hard way" before the Internet. The long-distance relationship with someone who shares your enthusiasm for family history is a wonderful by-product of genealogy. I know how important it was to feature Laverne's picture today.

  2. So sorry about Laverne . . . but it's wonderful that you and she were able to connect and have the joy of getting to know each other and share memories, even long distance.

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