Photos without names trouble me. Their faces seem to haunt me, to call to me, asking me to give them a name and tell their stories. My hope is that by sharing this un-named photo that someone will recognize the children, help me identify them and hopefully I can then find and tell their story.

This is a picture that was among the few in my Grandma’s little suitcase. In ways, he reminds me of my Great Grandfather John Monroe Ganus shown below.

This man’s wavy, somewhat wild hair is certainly similar to John’s and some of John’s sons’ hair. I realize, however, that many times strong family resemblances exist among extended family members so it could just as easily be another relation. What do you think?

I wonder why he had his picture taken that particular day and why the backdrop is simple white fabric. Is that a clue of some kind?

I always feel a little pull at my heart when I look into his eyes and wonder what he would tell me about his life. What did those eyes witness during his lifetime?

Whoever he is, I would love to be able to save his name with his picture and better yet, learn a little about his story.

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Unknown ancestor
Ganus, old photos, John Monroe Ganus, ancestor, ancestry, research, family history, familysearch
John Monroe Ganus

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9 thoughts on “Foto Friday-More of That Hair

  1. Before I scrolled down and saw the picture of John I immediately thought the younger picture was him. Then after comparing the two the way the hair sticks out on the left is the same in both, however, my kids have the same cowlicks as Travis, so hair growth must be hereditary.

  2. I'd say the white fabric back cloth meant the photo wasn't taken in a studio, but "in the field" somewhere, whether literally outside or in someone's home, I don't know. I find men's photos much more difficult to date than women's because the clothing and hair styles didn't evolve as distinctly. However, his clothing – not fine or grand by any means – strikes me as 1860s or 1870s. I think he posed "on the spot."

  3. It really makes me wonder what the occasion was? I wondered if he posing alone meant he wasn't married? I really need to learn more about photos of that time period. (some of the books you have recommended are on my "wish list."

  4. I think it's the same man based on not just that wild hair but also the eyelids, the nose, and the slope of his shoulders. He seems very rugged, manly. I wonder if he was gruff or a teddy bear.

  5. Thanks for your input Wendy. He was really good to missionaries in Georgia and took them in regularly, allowing them to stay in their home and he fed them. I'd like to think he was strong but kind. He does look pretty rugged doesn't he?

  6. I would guess it is the same man but I guess you'll never know for sure. My mother would have said "just say it's the same man, no one will ever know". Oh mom, how I miss you. 🙂 His eyes look almost haunting to me.

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