The picture didn’t seem that bad. Yes something had apparently been spilled on it and yes, it wasn’t very clear, but it was a picture! A picture of Samuel Solomon Lee and Rebecca Gainus —my 2nd great grandfather’s sister. I was so happy to get a copy of the picture, I guess I looked beyond its apparent poor condition. I didn’t know much about photo restoration and didn’t realize how much better it could look with a little help.
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I once again used 399Retouch to restore the photo and was very pleased with the results..

Rebecca Gainus was born in 1836 and was the daughter of James Ganus and Elizabeth McCluskey. She married Samuel Solomon Lee in 1853 in DeKalb County, Georgia. He was born in 1824 in South Carolina. Together they raised 10 children. You can read more about them at this blog post: Gurganus, Ganus, Ganues and Gaines–What?

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7 thoughts on “Let’s be perfectly clear

  1. I have a digital scan of a very similar "photo" of my 2nd great-grandparents said to be from 1906 when he was 64 years old and she was 45. They are positioned the same as here, his suit lapels have the same trim, she has the kerchief tied at the front, he has a beard but is wearing a hat, she is younger looking. I've suspected it to be a charcoal drawing made after their deaths, perhaps from known photos of each. This reminds me I need to get in touch with family members to see who has the original. Great improvement on the after! ~ Cathy

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