As I opened the restored photo of my 2nd Great Grandparents, John Monroe Ganus and Olivia Rainwater, I almost felt like I was meeting them for the first time.

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Restored version of John Monroe Ganus and
Olivia Rainwater
Although I had a copy of their photo for many years, it was badly faded and it was difficult to see their faces. Various individuals tried to fix the photo over the years, but there was so little to work with it and it was too difficult. So when Miles at 399Retouch contacted me and offered to restore a photo of my choosing, I couldn’t resist and sent him this photo. He accepted the challenge. Miles was great to work with, determined to help me get a better idea of what Olivia looked like and I am happy with what he was able to do.  Thank you Miles! 
My only copy of John Monroe Ganus
and Olivia Rainwater
While I have one other photo of John, this is the only known photo of Olivia.  I am not sure exactly when or where the photo was taken, but Olivia died in 1906 in Oklahoma, so obviously it was prior to that time.
John was born in 1826 in Georgia and Olivia was born in 1831 in Georgia. They married in 1852 and over the next sixty-one years, they lived in Georgia, Arkansas, Alabama and Colorado before finally settling in Oklahoma in the late 1890’s.  For more of their story, see Teaching and being taught, Olivia’s lesson and On Their Way!

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15 thoughts on “Foto Friday–Finally Meeting Olivia Rainwater Ganus

  1. So glad the photo could be restored! And that it was done before further fading occurred, future generations owe you a thanks.

  2. Impressive! You gave Miles quite a challenge and had this been my photo, I'd be pleased too and would say he exceeded expectations.

  3. Michelle. I am happy for you and can relate. I took a couple of old photos to a photo restoration man in our area (I'd met him when he set up a table at one of our San Diego Genealogical Society meetings). The work he did was amazing and well worth what he charged. The photos of our ancestors are cherished items to most of us. Congrats on meeting Olivia.

  4. I know! This photo was my first thought because I've always ached when I looked at it, but after I gave it to him I realized that it probably was less than fair because there wasn't much to work with—but he did a good job and I was very pleased!

  5. My mom has only one photo of her mother as a teenager and another when she was a toddler. These poor photos are in bad shape. Someday, I plan on getting them from her and having them professionally restored. Better sooner then later, right? Anyway, it is amazing what restorers can do!

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