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Grandma Hazel (Mickelsen) Ganus, Stella May (Montgomery) Ganus
and Grandpa Heber Monroe Ganus

Long before we could drive down the street at night and see the glow of the TV screen in the windows of many if not most homes, and long before people turned to Facebook for updates on people’s lives, people dropped by to visit each other.

In pleasant weather, people sat on the porch and talked, catching up on the events of the day. Often sipping on a cold drink, they tried to cool off while they talked about the weather, about family and about the ongoings in town. My how times have changed. 

These photos taken in September of 1955 show my grandparents, Heber and Hazel (Mickelsen) Ganus and Sally (Ganus) Mortensen, along with a couple of Sally’s children, sitting on the porch with Heber’s aunt, Stella May (Montgomery) Ganus in Oklahoma. Most likely Grandpa and Grandma had moved to Oklahoma by that time and Sally and her kids had made the 700 miles trip to visit them. 

Sally (Ganus) Mortensen, Stella May (Montgomery) Ganus
and Grandpa Heber Monroe Ganus

Other than the few years when Grandpa worked in Utah and California, Grandma and Grandpa Ganus lived most of their lives in Colorado, but as grandpa aged, his health declined and they eventually moved to Oklahoma for the lower altitude. During those years Grandpa was able to live among other Ganus relatives. In particular, Grandpa loved his Aunt Stella and I love knowing that she was important to him and that he was able to spend time with her.  

Grandma Hazel (Mickelsen) Ganus, Stella May (Montgomey) Ganus
and Heber Monroe Ganus 

That September of 1955, temperatures soared around 100 degrees and the humidity hovered around 70% (1) In the sticky Oklahoma heat, the porch was the best place to sit and visit. Lightweight, short sleeve dresses were the order of the day for the ladies and a short sleeved t-shirt helped keep Grandpa Ganus cool. 

With the heat extending into the evening hours, families often moved out onto the porch where it was a little cooler. For them, there was nothing much better than spending a little time on the porch, sitting and talking. 

1. Wolfram Alpha app provided the temperature for Oklmulgee, Oklahoma for September 1955

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  1. My family never seemed to have the "sit on the porch" gene – I wish they had. Of course, my grandparents all lived in Fresno so the bugs probably wouldn't have been much fun.

  2. Excited to find your blog. Was scrolling William David Gurganus name when I found it. My grandfather was James Monroe gurganus and grandmother was Trazzie Holland. My mother was Vera gurganus Camp. We just had our Decoration last Sunday at Fairview cemetery in Oakman Alabama. So this is special to me. Thank you for it

  3. Happened upon your site while scrolling William David Gurganus name. My mother was Vera gurganus Camp. Daughter of James Monroe gurganus and Trazzie Holland gurganus. He was the son of Windham gurganus and Sarah. Just last Sunday we had our Decoration at Fairview cemetery in Oakman Alabama so I was excited to read your blog. Thank you for that

  4. It's nice to really sit and relax. I loved it when Andy and Aunt Bea sat on the porch on the Andy Griffith show, especially when Andy played his guitar and sang. I don't think my relatives played or sang.

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