The older I get, the more Christmas time becomes a time to reflect. As I decorate the Christmas tree, I think back on my childhood Christmases which were full of anticipation and fun family activities. I also think about our own sweet children and the fun things we did together during the Christmas season. Many of the things my husband and I did were carry overs from our childhoods.

Christmas village I purchased
It’s interesting to discover that many of the decorations I remember as a kid are now “vintage.” One of my favorite Christmas decorations from my childhood is a little village. The little miniature houses were made of a thin cardboard like material. The windows were cut out and had colored cellophane covering them, giving the appearance of stained glass. Mom set the little houses in billowy piles of cotton that gave the appearance of snow. I remember how I loved to sit and gaze at the houses while my imagination ran wild with stories about the tiny imaginary people who lived in the houses. My mom still has her village, but since it is one of my fondest memories, I was thrilled to find and buy some similar little houses. 
My Santa cup

When I was just a little girl, one of my mom’s friends made a cute little Santa mug for me and it’s been part of my Christmas ever since. When I was little, I drank everything from root beer to hot apple cider from the cup and although I have no memory of my mother’s friend who made the cup, it’s one of my favorite decorations because of all the happy memories associated with it.

Tree made by my Aunt Sally

After I married, my dear Aunt Sally gave me one of my first Christmas decorations. She painted and fired a ceramic Christmas tree and gave it to my husband and me on one of our first Christmases. It quickly became one of my favorites because it reminds me of her and the love that I have always felt for her. Our kids loved to be the ones to put the little lights in each hole. Our oldest daughter found a similar tree at a resale shop and bought it because it reminded her of mine. 

Made for me by Grandma Ganus

A few years after I got married, my Grandma Hazel (Mickelsen) Ganus sent me a little crocheted door hanger with little jingle bells on it. It became our tradition to tie it onto our front door so that we heard the bells jingle whenever anyone came or left. Notice I didn’t put it on the back door. I am sure it would have driven me crazy to listen to the bells jingling along with the constant door slamming as our kids came and went out to play.

These decorations certainly aren’t trendy, but as I pull them out each Christmas, they stir up many good Christmas memories and I would never consider retiring any of them.

Time flies by and things change, but thank goodness for family, traditions, good memories and the love of Jesus Christ to sustain us through it all. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and peace for the upcoming year.

                          Merry Christmas! 

Robin Bean, Bakersfield, California, Santa, Christmas, traditions, genealogy, family
Me and my friend and neighbor, Robin Bean

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