It’s that time of year when fisherman take to the rivers, creeks, and lakes. As a child, I always loved going fishing with my Dad, although I think I only ever caught one single fish my whole entire life.

Although the picture below of my Grandpa Ganus is not a closeup, it is him and I love it. Standing out in the middle of the Conejos River, he is away from the cares of the world and in the peace of nature. I wonder…..did he catch anything that day and did they have fried fish for dinner?

Conejos River, Colorado, Heber Ganus, genealogy, ancestry, fishing, family, summer
Heber Monroe Ganus on the Conejos River

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8 thoughts on “Foto Friday- Fishing for fun

  1. I love knowing this Bessie! The Conejos is an incredible river and we spent a lot of time having picnics, extended family gatherings and fishing on that river as I grew up. It is a very wide river and in parts runs very deep and fast. The mothers were always panicked when their little ones got too close and as we got older, the teenage boy cousins delighted in throwing us in the safer areas. It still has great fishing although John Morgan's catch sounds like a record to me!

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