Swimming pools, water parks and splash pads abound these days and provide a wonderful way for children to cool off in the blistering summer heat. Kids and water just seem to go together during the summer months, but oh how times have changed! 
Although the methods have changed, it seems kids have always found a way to cool off. As I went through my grandma’s pictures in her little suitcase, I found the following picture of my dad and his sister. The caption written by my grandma indicates that it was too hot and the kids had to cool off. It’s a far cry from how kids cool off today and quite different from how we cooled off as a kid, but one thing is for sure, when the temperatures soar and the days get hot, kids find a way to cool off.  

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11 thoughts on “Foto Friday–Cooling Off

  1. Love your photo – I have one of me sitting in a metal tub like that at my grandparents' cottage in Maine. Although the cottage was a bit more fixed up looking than the house in your photo, the cottage had no hot running water – or water that was even drinkable – and the bathroom was outside. Your picture brings back a lot of memories on this hot Tucson day.

  2. I remember my mom defrosting the little freezer above the refrigerator when we were kids and dumping it all in a tub out in the yard. We loved to play with the snowy ice and pretend it was real snow. As a kid growing up in California, that was as close as I ever got to playing in snow and a fun way to cool off.

  3. Aren't you pleased someone decided to take a photograph of those two little ones in the tubs? I think it's immensely fun and interesting to see how our ancestors did things. I suppose those were the laundry tubs? And there's so much detail in rest of the photo behind the children. Do you suppose that was a store, with those large windows, or maybe you know for sure it was their home?

  4. Michelle, jumping in a bucket of cold water wouldn’t normally be my idea of fun, but last week we had our ‘summer’ and there were moments when I could see the attraction. 🙂

  5. I had not even thought about the fact that those windows are so large! It does make me wonder. There is no indication of location on the photos, but I will look into that. Thank you for pointing that out!

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