Photos without names trouble me. Their faces seem to haunt me, to call to me, asking me to give them a name and tell their stories. My hope is that by sharing this un-named photo that someone will recognize the couple, help me identify them and hopefully I can then find and tell their story.
Every so often I come across this picture that was shared with me many years ago. Sadly, it was and still is unmarked. I remember being told at the time that while they were unsure of exactly who these people were but they knew they were a Ganus couple. Unfortunately I am ashamed to admit that while I saved the photo, I neglected to save who shared it with me and what Ganus line they descend from. Yes, I have learned my lesson and it’s a painful one. 
I’ve analyzed this photo many times. Their haunting eyes, the man’s white shirt and dress pants with well worn shoes. The woman’s silk dress, necklace and pin. The house is built off of the ground, so does this perhaps imply that it was somewhere where there was a chance of flooding? (Can someone enlighten me here?) And is that a dog or a giant cat on the rug? 
Whomever they are, I would love to be able to save their name with their picture and better yet, learn a little about their story. 
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6 thoughts on “Foto Friday -The Unknown

  1. I keep thinking that it was expensive back then to have your picture taken and these people thought it important enough to do it and here I am with their picture and no idea who they are. It really bugs me. Thanks for stopping by Cheri.

  2. The pose suggests a married couple, which you probably figured out already. I am wondering about that pot next to the woman and what is growing out of it or merely propped up in it. Also what is that other thing on the right edge? Whenever I glance quickly, I think it is a picture of a donkey looking back. I'm going to feel foolish if you tell me it's something common like a gate. One last thought: the vertical boards of the house could be a clue. Is that a typical style for a particular place or can you rule out a certain place?

  3. The pot is strange isn't it? It looks like it is broken and I thought surely there was a better spot to take the picture! I think the "donkey" is a something hanging there like a rug or something possibly as it has a border? I agree though, a quick glance looks like some kind of animal photo bombing the picture.

    I didn't pick up on the siding at all, but I think you are onto something! It looks like it was called board and batten and some sites say it began about 1845 to 1865. The wide vertical boards are covered with small "batten" which help seal the gap. The batten allowed for the boards to contract and expand with the weather. Now if I could just figure out where they built the homes up off of the ground. I feel certain it must have been somewhere where they had potential for flooding.

    Thanks for your insight Wendy!

  4. Coming to this late I suggest that is a large clay sewer pipe sticking upright from the ground with multiple warn and broken edges around the top edge.
    It appears those folks had a choice between using the rug in front of the couple with LEE PHOTO imprinted on it and the rug hanging to the right. Is that a decorated rug or towel hanging in the window at the left?
    I vote for a dog on the rug in front of the shiny rocker that shows no wear on the rockers or spindles.
    I was drawn to the woman's beauty who appears to have gotten into her best dress (tight across the tummy) which shows everyday shoes beneath its hem. I enjoyed gazing at her this morning. Good luck in uncovering her identity.

  5. That is interesting Bessie. I wondered about what is hanging in the window as well. It almost looks like a towel to me. Good catch on the rocker. I wondered if it was their and they took it outside for the photo or if the photographer had it, but it seems bulky for a photographer to bring with to me.

    I wondered if shoes were just too expensive and yet that dress appears to me to be a very nice dress. Not sure, but you are right, both are wearing very worn shoes. Notice that the man's pants are rolled up several times. I wondered if he got them for the picture or if that is the way he wore his dress pants.

    I really hope someone comes forward and can help with the identity. Thanks for stopping by.

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