I pulled into their driveway and my three grandkids bounded out the door, ready for a day of Grandma time.  They were excited and frankly so was I.  Grandkids are just fun.

We had just backed out of the driveway when my five year old grand daughter said, “Tell us a story!”   I had been with them a lot recently and frankly I felt that I had exhausted my story repertoire, so to buy  time to think,  I told them I couldn’t think of one off hand, and would need a few minutes.  Not to be dissuaded, my Grand-daughter said, “ Oh come on Grandma!  You know you have stories. You always have stories.” 

Well okay, maybe I do tell a lot of stories, but nonetheless I think it is time for me to sharpen the saw.  Thankfully this week, March 21-23, I will be attending Rootstech and Story@Home.  It will be a great opportunity to learn about the newest technology for genealogy research,  as well as to learn about ways to preserve and share the stories we all uncover in our family history.  There are many classes to choose from as well as a large Expo Hall where attendees can view the latest products and services. 

imageFrankly, I can’t wait and I am hoping to see a few of you there.  If you can’t attend, you can go  here to watch live streaming of some really great sessions! 

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10 thoughts on “Time to Sharpen the Saw at Rootstech!

  1. So jealous! What a treat it will be for you, Michelle! I hope you find lots of inspiration and great tools to further your research. Looking forward to hearing how you fared!

  2. You must be a good story teller to keep them so interested. I think making our ancestors seem like real people helps keep the young ones involved. Enjoy Rootstech, and thanks for posting the links to watch on livestream for those of sitting at home.

  3. Thanks Betty. It is funny because I think that little ones just love stories, period, so like you said, working in stories about ancestors is a simple way to introduce them to genealogy—and truthfully, I can't seem to help myself. I hope you are able to watch some of Rootstech. Last year is was really good and I think this year will be even better.

  4. It IS a treat and given all that is going on in my life right now, a welcome diversion. It will be fun to learn some new things and to be able to rub shoulders with many great genealogist. Last count, there are over 6,000 attendees with people from every state but Delaware, in addition to people from several different countries. It is sure to be a great time. Wish you were going to be there so I could meet you.

  5. Lovely. We're expecting our first grandchild this August, and we're ready for this same kind of fun. My first wish is that we never run out of stories — or perhaps other interesting bits for the grandchild(ren), like feeding lettuce leaves to the giraffe at the zoo (a shivery experience). We're all in the business of stories, really . . . true stories. I enjoy yours!

    Have a blast at RootsTech!

  6. You know the great thing about us story tellers is that stories are forever unfolding in our heads as we experience life—just as you expressed, Mariann. Congrats on the upcoming arrival of a grandchild–there's nothing better. Thanks again for reading.

  7. You've always been a wonderful storyteller Mom!!! I will always remember asking you to tell us snake stories! You had a way of making the story come alive, and they never got old! I love reading your stories on here now, you may not be able to tuck me in with a story anymore, but I can hear your voice as you make the stories of our ancestors come alive through this blog!

  8. Thank you so much. I actually plan to tell a "snake story" at some point. That's so funny how you guys always requested them. You expressed that so sweetly…..and I think you just may be a storyteller as well.

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