I’ve recently been nominated for the “Liebster Blog Award.”  I have to confess that I’ve never heard of it before, but apparently in German it means  “favorite” or  “dearest.”  So thank you to both Jana at Jana’s Genealogy and Family History Blog and also Jenny at Are My Roots Showing? for nominating me.

Jana indicated that there are two versions of this blog.  In one version, you have to answer questions and in the other you don’t and she opted for the version where you don’t have to answer questions.  I am in the middle of some pretty heavy demands on my time at the moment, in addition to preparing to attend The Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy all of next week, so I think I am going to have to go along with Jana’s and opt just nominate 5 other bloggers.  I think it is a fun way to introduce other blogs to each other.  There are soooo many good ones out there anymore and it makes it hard to choose just five. There are a few rules with the Liebster award:

1.  Link back to the blog who nominated you
2.  Nominate 5 blogs with less than 200 followers
3.  Let nominees know by leaving a comment at their site
4.  Add the award image to your site

 So although there are many great blogs out there here are my five nominees:

Amy at Ancestor Files
Stephanie at Southern Graves
Jacqi at A Family Tapestry
Linda at Family Archaeologist
Cindy at Remembering Family

With all of the extra things I have over the next couple of weeks, I won’t be able to blog for a week or two, but will return after I recover from my week of classes, hopefully a little smarter and with a few more stories to tell.

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  1. Congratulations on your two nominations, Michelle. I also think your blog is "dear," and I follow it when I can. Thank you for telling me about these five other blogs…the only one I'm familiar with is Jacqi Stevens, and I'm glad to know about the others.

  2. Don't hate me, Michelle. I couldn't help myself…

    While you may be a "Dearest" blogger, your work in researching and composing blog posts here has been inspiring, and I want to add my nomination of A Southern Sleuth for recognition as a "Blog of the Year 2012."

    I know you are busy in the coming week, and please don't feel any need to continue passing on these hot potatoes! (Actually, Wendy's approach is inspiring on that account.)

    However, I want to give recognition where it is due, and I've certainly enjoyed visiting your blog on a regular basis over the past year.

    I've explained more about the award here.

    Best wishes as you tackle the projects you have lined up for 2013! Looking forward to reading more…

  3. Michelle, congratulations on receiving the Liebster Blog Award–and thank you so much for passing it along! This has certainly been beneficial in allowing readers to see what is on your "Favorite Reads" list!

    Now I'm taking that torch you've passed my way and sending it further with my blog post today.

    I love what you've been accomplishing here on your blog, and it's an honor to receive your nomination.

    Looking forward to hearing your news after your return from SLIG!

  4. Jacqi, thank you so much for the nomination as a "Blog of the Year 2012!" I begin my classes at the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy tomorrow morning, so will respond to this as soon as I can, which will be after this week. I appreciate your kind words and encouragement so much.

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