On Memorial Day my thoughts go to the many who have fought to preserve our freedom and those who continue to do so. I am grateful for the many who have given so much for us. 

As I look through my ancestry, I see brave men who fought in the War of 1812, the Revolutionary War, the Civil War and both WWI and WWII and I am proud of the part they played in America’s history.

Recently, we took the opportunity to visit Hillfield Aerospace Museum in Layton, Utah with a few of our daughters and grandkids who were here. We had a great time exploring the wonderful museum and ended up spending several hours there.

Among other things, the museum houses a variety of aircraft from different eras which serve as a good reminder of how much things have changed.

As I think about the men and women who flew those aircraft, I often wonder what it must have felt like to climb into the cockpit and not know if you would return home. I can’t imagine how it must have felt to engage in battle and what their families must have felt back home.

Our grandkids thoroughly enjoyed the many exhibits and the well-done videos, some with footage and news reels from previous wars.

It was a solemn experience to explain to them about the Blue Star Service Flag and what a gold star in the window meant and still means today. 

As we paused for a picture and I looked into the beautiful faces of our grandchildren who were there that day (we were missing 2,) I couldn’t help but feel humbled and grateful for all that we have in this great land of the United States of America.  

And I hope next time these kids see a flag or hear mention of the men who fought and the ones who still fight for our country, they will remember that our freedom came at a price.

 Thank you to all who have fought for our freedom!! 

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10 thoughts on “Land that I Love

  1. Michelle, this reminds me of the National WWII museum we visited in New Orleans in April. My husband was very impressed with the planes and tanks, but I was fascinated with the recordings made by the ordinary soldiers – so tragic.

  2. Michelle, happy Memorial Day! That museum looks like a wonderful spot to take grandchildren. When our grandson is old enough there are many similar places I'd like him to visit. A great way to honor the past.

  3. I really love that this museum is manned by volunteers, and most all of them are veterans, so if you stop and talk to them, they have incredible experiences to share. It really is a great way to honor the past.

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