Photos without names trouble me. Their faces seem to haunt me, to call to me, asking me to give them a name and tell their stories. My hope is that by sharing these un-named photos that someone will recognize them, help me identify them and hopefully I can then find and tell their story.

I love this picture and for that reason, I included it on my main page . To me it screams immigrant and I am wondering if it is one of my Danish lines. Again, the photo is totally unmarked. While all are equally solemn, I noticed that everyone except the father is looking into the camera. Maybe having the picture taken wasn’t his idea of a good time.

What do you think? Is the scarf on the mother’s head indicative of their culture or was she just having a bad hair day?

Whoever they are, I would love to be able to save their name with their picture and better yet, learn a little about their story.

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9 thoughts on “Foto Friday- the Immigrants

  1. Unidentified pictures haunt me. Even more are the old photos with names on the back. I have a habit of buying them at antique stores. I have reunited one young lady with her family. There are still a few that I have yet to put on my blog in hopes of finding family. Thanks for the reminder Michelle.

  2. It definitely looks cultural to me! My ancestors are mostly German, and I haven't seen any with a headscarf like that.

    So, with such a large photo, it seems you might be able to figure out who is in this photo… unless they aren't that closely related to you. Hopefully, you could figure out the approximate age of the photo and ages of the individuals and match it to a family in your tree. Best wishes!!!

  3. The scarf does make this seem more ethnic than if the woman had been wearing a bonnet. Can you match any of your families to the number and gender of the children pictured? Even if you're slightly off, it might be that you weren't aware of one of the kids.

  4. My problem my ancestors settled in a small town and I actually have both sides of the family there, all with large families which makes it hard to pinpoint one family in particular. I know which family this is not, but I am assuming it is likely a sibling of a direct ancestor, which doesn't narrow it down much in this area.

  5. All 4 sets of my grandparents lived in the same small community and they all had large families, which makes it difficult to pinpoint one family. I am working with the process of elimination for now, but am having a hard time narrowing the time period down.

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