Do You Remember……Christmas Parades? 

Back in the “olden days,” before stores began displaying their Christmas decorations in August and September, we took holidays one at a time.  Only after we had enjoyed Halloween and eaten the last bite of Thanksgiving dinner did we turn our focus to the Christmas season.  Because Christmas didn’t really begin until we were well into November, we didn’t have time to tire of all of the commercials or Christmas music and the excitement and anticipation had plenty of time to build.

Christmas parade, Coalinga California, Brownie troop

When we were living in Coalinga, California, I was in a Brownie Troop and was so excited to participate in our small town’s Christmas Parade. In case you can’t tell, we were a herd of red nose reindeer.  Did even you know there was such a thing?   

Costumes, like life in general, were simple and our cone-shaped-construction-paper reindeer heads are evidence of that.   
Not to be outdone and with the aid of our mother, one of my little brothers dressed up that year as Santa, decorated his bike and he too participated in the Christmas parade.  
The Christmas parade helped to officially kick off the Christmas season and we then looked forward to several weeks of family and church activities, music, parties, special treats and Christmas movies.

Pumped full of sugary goodies and wired on a steady stream of activities, we then faced the challenge of trying to ensure our place on Santa’s list of good girls and boys.

Do you remember those days?  

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2 thoughts on “Do You Remember Christmas Parades?

  1. I'm trying my best to recall a Christmas parade. I'm sure we must have had SOMETHING to announce Santa's arrival at the department store downtown or at the new shopping center (precursor to the mall). Sorry — nothing is coming into view. You red-nosed Brownies are cute, but your brother steals the show for me. That decorated tricycle is a winner!

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