Do you remember……..Halloween?

Do you remember Halloween as a child?  Did your town have a Halloween parade? Ours did and I remember the fun of parading down the center of town as we waved to our parents and friends. 

Of course on Halloween night, we went trick or treating and came home with a bag loaded with sugary goodies such as Sugar Babies, Tootsie rolls, Pixie Stix and Double Bubble. Costumes, candy and life were all much simpler then.  

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3 thoughts on “Do You Remember… Halloween ?

  1. We didn't have a parade, but I have great memories of Halloween. Our neighborhood was very big with lots of streets so we always tried to hit as many as possible. Greedy kids. One of my favorite times was the year a lady dressed as a witch and invited the kids into her house. She had decorated her dining room with spider webs and bats and things. In the middle of the table was a cauldron of punch. Everyone got a drink and some candy and then went on our way.

  2. What surprises me about these photos, Michelle, is that some of the children were sleeveless! Ohio's Octobers were and are often cold — cold enough to wear a winter coat under (or over) a costume. Our community didn't have a parade. In fact the first I ever heard of a Halloween parade is when we moved near the small town where we live now.

  3. I almost made a comment about the sleeveless dress I was wearing. Now that I live where October is so cold and some years the children have trick or treated in SNOW ! I grew up in California as a child and it was very warm there. I remember watching movie of snowy Christmases and just imagining how wonderful that would be. The movies neglect to show the part about the endless shoveling, getting stuck and slipping on the ice! ha ha. Anyway, different places sure experience different versions of winter.

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